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  • February 24, 2015

After hard lobbying by event organisers, the House of Lords will, we understand, vote in favour of limiting your right to resell tickets for live events. This is a very disappointing result.

The Lords’ motion will require that, whenever you sell a ticket on an online platform, you will have to provide your row and seat number. Event organisers then plan to use this information to cancel and void that ticket and put you on a blacklist.

Event organisers argue that their proposal provides ‘safeguards’ against cancellation and blacklisting, but these are meaningless as they would allow event organisers to cancel and blacklist if (as is routinely the case) the terms and conditions attached to the original sale of the ticket provide for that. That is no safeguard at all.

The battle is not yet over, however. The Commons will be voting on the Lords’ proposals straight afterwards, this afternoon. We therefore urge you to email your local MP as soon as possible, telling them exactly how you feel about this terrible legislation.

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