Fan Freedom UK supports a review of the ticket market

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  • February 27, 2015

As you may have heard, the government is choosing to push through an amendment put forward by a small group of members of the House of Lords which will highly restrict the secondary ticket market. This is very disappointing and, in our opinion, will do nothing to help the rights of true fans. All it will do is further line the pockets of sporting organisations and music promoters.

We are, however, heartened to see that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport is going to conduct a review of the entire ticket┬ámarket over the next 12 months to see what it can do to make it work better. We hope that this review will look into the damage that will already have been caused by the House of Lords’ legislation, and work to repeal it.

The review should also look into the unscrupulous practices of a small group of online platforms which work in tandem with event organisers to sell tickets on the secondary market before they’ve even been offered to fans in the first instance. This allows tickets to be sold for a huge premium, leaving fans with the rough end of the deal.

We’ll be providing more information on this shortly. In the meantime, please email your MP with your concerns about the legislation that they are supporting to limit your right to resell, if you haven’t done so already. This will really help us push our message to the heart of the government.

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