Consumer Rights Bill is lost – but battle continues

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  • March 10, 2015

Unfortunately, the House of Commons last night voted to limit your consumer rights, making it far harder for you to resell a ticket than it was previously.

At Fan Freedom UK we’re obviously very disappointed with this, but feel that the battle is not yet over. This is because under the terms of the Consumer Rights Bill, there will have to be a ticketing review over the next 12 months, where the effectiveness of this new law will be scrutinised. The review will also look into wider issues affecting the sector.

At Fan Freedom UK we will now be shifting our focus onto this review, and doing all we can to convince the government to revoke these new restrictions. We’ll be uploading a new campaign for you to write to your MP to help shape this review, ensuring that it asks the right questions and tackles the real issues.

Thanks again for all your support so far.

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