Join the fight against paperless tickets

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  • March 20, 2015

Ticketmaster executive Christoph Homann has encouraged the live entertainment business to embrace the secondary ticketing sector, arguing that resale regulation – such as those in the Consumer Rights Bill – doesn’t actually work.

At Fan Freedom UK, we welcome these comments and wholeheartedly agree. We also, however, wonder why many big ticketing companies actually go out of their way to promote more regulation, and not less.

For instance, some companies are pushing politicians to make all tickets for live events paperless. While this sounds great in theory, it would make it very hard to sell tickets or pass them on.

Instead, to pass on a ticket you would have to go through the original company that sold you it in the first instance. This gives them a monopoly, letting them dominate the market and drastically limiting your right to resell your ticket.

In practice this will mean higher prices, more fees, more hassle and a poorer service. At Fan Freedom UK, we’re working hard to fight back against this.

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