Parliament Street shows support for Fan Freedom!

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  • June 18, 2015

We’re delighted to announce that Parliament Street, a prominent centre-right think tank, has announced its support for Fan Freedom UK.

The blog, written by Myles Longfield, one of Parliament Street’s supporters, argues that the secondary ticket market must be kept as free as possible, and that the changes to the Consumer Rights Act should be repealed as soon as possible.

In one of the key quotes, he says that:

Such restrictive measures [introduced by the Consumer Rights Act] fly in the face of the principle that when somebody buys something, they should own it completely. Unfortunately, thanks to the amendment to the Consumer Rights Act, this is no longer the case. An analogous situation would be buying a car and finding that when you went to sell it, you could only give it back to the garage that you bought it from at the price they have set. This is absurd and would not be tolerated by consumers. The question therefore has to be asked; why they are tolerating this.”

At Fan Freedom UK, we couldn’t agree more. We think it is absolutely essential that the free market for tickets is preserved, and that’s why we’re fighting back against restrictive moves by event organisers to tie up the market.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you sign up for our campaign by filling in the box to the right. This will ensure you get all our future updates on what you can do to protect your consumer rights!

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