About Fan Freedom UK

Fan Freedom UK is an organisation dedicated to fighting for consumer rights. We represent all kinds of people who enjoy live entertainment – from fans who sit in the rain week in and week out to watch their team, to music fans who stay out way too late to enjoy the bands they love.

At Fan Freedom, we believe that all these fans have basic rights as ticket holders, and we firmly support legislation and activism to protect those rights. These rights include:

Right to resell

When fans buy tickets, they should have the right to resell them.

Ticket Transferability

Fans have the right to buy, give away or sell their tickets at any time they choose, in any way they choose, and at any price they choose.

Right to Know

Before fans choose to buy tickets, they have the right to know how many tickets are really on sale to the public for a given event and how many are pre-sold by event organisers or held back for VIPs and other special customers.

Fair Access

Fans deserve the chance to buy event tickets from the box office at face value, without unfair competition from automated ticket buying software that jumps the queue and grabs the best tickets seconds after they go on sale.


Fans deserve an open, competitive ticket resale market where they can buy tickets to sold-out shows, buy cheap tickets to their favourite sporting events, and resell tickets they cannot use. They should not be forced to use authorised resale websites mandated by event organisers.

Fan Freedom UK is a division of Fan Freedom. Launched in February 2011, Fan Freedom was founded by consumer advocate, Jon Potter. Initial funding for Fan Freedom and Fan Freedom UK was provided by StubHub, an eBay company.

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